Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quotes worth a Smile

These past few days in class with the littles have been full of smiles!! I love when they say something that sticks with me for a few days. Thought I would share a few with you, in case you are in need of a smile!

At the very beginning of creative movement class I start with emotions. We make all the faces we can think of, happy--sad--silly--surprised! My favorite one lately has been a sleepy face! They think it's hysterical, so while I pretend to sleep they all scream at me to WAKE UP! It's so fun! One of the little boys in the class says "Ms. Maria, you can't sleep now! You are supposed to teach us how to dance."

Today in ballet class I was so excited to see some of the little girls I haven't seen since before the holidays. They were so excited to be at ballet. The moms say they couldn't wait to bring them to ballet because they drive them nuts talking about ballet class. One mom says "she's obsessed!" haha. Anyway- I was telling them that they made my day and that I was so glad that they were there. One little girl responds "We are so glad you are here too, Ms. Maria." The cutest right?

Did any of your students say anything that made you smile this week yet? I would love to hear the cute things your students say! I am sure they are worth a smile too!

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

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