Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hands On...

I saw this on one of the blogs I follow and I thought it was a great opportunity for Freelancers/Entrepreneurs looking to start-up or grow your small business. I thought I would share...

Hands on Small Business is offering 100 workshops--- FREE workshops in many different cities in the US. I have never heard of them until now, but I think it sounds interesting and worth investigating.  Just so happens they are coming to NYC... anyone want to go? They will be posting the dates and times for New York soon... stay tuned!

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

Toy Castle

A good friend, Liz Thompson, a New York City dance educator, recommended these videos as a response to my post about dance in television and videos.  Check them out on Youtube... they are very educational for the little ones, teaching movement plus a life lesson to follow! 

Thanks Liz!

Add movement to a classic game!

I like this one too because it incorporates movement vocabulary...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blue Butterflies

So... after last week with my 4 year olds crying, spitting, throwing spots and my 5 year olds just walking around the room and sitting for 45 minutes, I came up with a plan.  I used those management skills in my teacher tool box to come up with something I could manage.  Since both classes are really big and the space is small I broke the class into 2 groups (splitting up friends of course) 10 students are blue butterflies, and 10 students are green butterflies. Everything we do, I refer to the butterflies.  It worked perfectly, everyone got equal time and space to dance, and most importantly everyone was safe.  
I had the most fun teaching it, and a mom came up to me after class and said "well all 20 of them just came out of your room with a huge smile on their face!" Made me feel good that they got something out of it, because that is my biggest goal.  I want them to learn something, ANYTHING,  just so they take something away each time.

Now keeping all the rosters straight and learning everyones name is the next challenge!

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's make it about dance

Angelina Ballerina is a mouse who loves Ballet! But she has a new look! I found this article on the New York Times website and I thought it was brilliant! Angelina Ballerina is on PBS kids on Saturday mornings, and she also has best-selling books to offer education about ballet.   Check out the article, they gave Angelina a makeover and is now geared toward the preschool age. The theme of the show now is "let's make it about dance, not just about a ballerina." 

Let's just say I wish they had this show when I was growing up... I would have loved it! Now that I am a dance educator, I can share it w
ith my preschoolers and fellow dance educators! 

The other show that intrigues me is The Backyardigans.  This children's show airs on Nick Jr. and shares dance and music with preschoolers. (I think I have seen every show and movie) I am not sure there is another show like it! I found this article at Entertainment Weekly about the Backyardigans and how this unique idea plays out on the screen.  They use a choreographer and professional dancers to transform movement to the characters.   What a cool concept, I wish I would of thought of that!

Are there any other ideas you have about dance and children's programs?  I think this is a breakthrough for dance in early childhood education! 

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creating Business Cards

While searching today for places that can create a CREATIVE business card for dance teachers, I came across this business card holder! How cool and interesting, right? For only $6 you can have a place to put your business cards! I found them at Etzy... check it out!

Here are some of the websites I discovered while I was searching to create business cards!  I found two different ones in two different places! 
At Moo they have Minicards (I got the text cards) which is to promote this blog!  You can get 100 cards for $20.00! I will let you know how they turn out! 

The other was at Zazzle- They have specific Dance Teacher designs for whatever type of teacher you are! Check it out! 

I will share pictures of the cards when they come in the mail! 

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall For Dance

Fall for Dance Festival - New York City Center Shared via AddThis

Every year in the fall, a variety of dance companies take to the stage at New York City Center. All tickets are $10! An opportunity to see dance you just can't pass up! They go on sale September 13th at 11:00am. Above is the website if you are interested in checking it out!  I am excited to attend this year because New York City Ballet and Mark Morris Dance Group are both performing! 

In the meantime movecreateeducate....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm LinkedIn!

Today I became LinkedIn! I was hessitant to join at first because I wasn't sure how many networking sites I could keep up with, but this one is the one to join!  It's professional and is designed to help you make new connections, promote your business, maintain references, and find job opportunities. 

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

CPR and First Aid Certification

While living in New York it is one of my goals to get certified in everything that I can.  I know that once I leave New York there will not be as much available to me. Last friday I took a 5 hour course to get my CPR and First Aid Certification.  I was certified a long time ago but didn't renew it until now. What I didn't realize was how much all of it changes every couple years. As a dance teacher, especially as someone starting their own business, I think this certification is a must.  You never know what could happen and I would never want to be in a position where I didn't know what to do if one of my students was hurt or not feeling well. 

I looked on the Dance Teacher Magazine website and they have an article and some tips on why all dance educators should be CPR and First Aid Certified. Check it out!

In the meantime movecreateeducate...