Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am considering purchasing a flip video camera to document my work with New York City Ballet and Mark Morris. I think it would be nice to have my own library of dances and stories I have worked on. I have never taken video of any of my work with my students, so I think it might be a nice change, and just maybe a little addicting!

Do any of you have a flip? Do you use it for your classes and performances? Just curious to see if this is popular among dance educators?!


  1. It's definitely good to have documentation! I've had a flip camera (brand -- Aiptek) for a couple years, and I've used it for documenting assessments in my dance classroom (creative tasks for solo students that I need to videotape in order to score), as well as for videotaping dance when I'm traveling. It's wonderful for travel videotaping cause it's so portable. It's adequate but a bit frustrating for taping the kids dancing because the clarity isn't great. It doesn't accurately capture the first few moments when I turn it on, so I need to be sure to have it running well before the moment I want to capture; and it's a bit difficult to observe the use of energy/effort because the resolution isn't very high. If I have a choice, I borrow a colleague's higher quality digital camera, and I'm meaning to get a better one for myself. Nonetheless, it's a good beginning, and I haven't ever actually regretted the purchase. Maybe they've gotten a lot better in the last couple years too!

  2. Thank you for this feedback! It's great to know what the pros and cons are! I am sure it is great for assessments and for the dancers to watch themselves back! :) I will let you know how the resolution is!