Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I'm not a very good dancer"

Yesterday in movement club (an after school option for three year olds to sign up for) I teach at the preschool something really striking happened. It was the new day of the semester, so I had some new kids join the club. There was first a little boy who sat down and wouldn't do our stretching and songs with us. I said, "you can join us whenever you want to" he said "I'm not a very good dancer." My jaw dropped! After that happened I thought to myself, he's just saying that. Once he sees what we do, he will join in.

Later, another girl came late to join the club, she was on the wrong list. She looked so excited to join and I was so happy to have her. We were moving across the floor, dancing with scarves and I saw that she was just standing. I said "come dance with us" and she said "i'm not a very good dancer." When she said that my I was so sad. Remember, this girl came in later so she never heard the little boy say the same thing.

I didn't think 3 year olds could ever think that. They are so care free with such big imaginations. I am just wondering where this is coming from. All I could say was "yes you are, we are all learning how to dance together."

The point of the club is to be creative and MOVE! My heart hurt to hear both kids say that. I am just curious what you think about this? Have you ever had a child say this to you? What would you have said?


  1. That is such a tough one! I'm guessing it comes from being around older kids. Because Isabella will mimic (very negative) things her older cousin says and does.

    Just an idea...You could focus on the word "move" instead of "dance". i.e. "Today this isn't a dance class, it's a MOVE class. Can you move like this?" And do silly things that don't resemble dance at first, to help them get out of their shell a bit.

  2. Great Idea Kiasa! Thanks! I was just so floored, that has never happened to me. 3 year olds are so positive and have so many ideas. I have never run into this. I can't believe self-esteem starts that young.