Saturday, March 13, 2010

School Performances

Yesterday was jammed packed full of performances. First, I had a NYCB performance in the East Village. It was a great show and I was happy to see 2nd graders dancing about Robbers, Graveyards, Starwars, and an Evil Forest! Yes, that's what the dances were about!

After that show I traveled up to the Bronx to see my good friend Dena. She is a dance teacher at K-8 school. We met in graduate school and have been good friends ever since. Bonus: Dena went to undergrad in Erie, PA, which is where I am originally from! Awesome, I know!
Dena's show was themed around Women's History, featuring all the dances to music by Janet Jackson! It was truly amazing what she is teaching these kids about dance, performance, and history. I could tell they really love dance, and they really love her! I was so proud to watch her students and I know it's days like these that Dena feels like it's all worth it.

This is a picture of her amazing dance room. I was in awe!

Have you ever attended a dance performance in a public school? What was your experience? I was really happy that I went. Thank you Dena!

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  1. That's an awesome studio! I haven't attended a public school performance but I love her ideas of women in history. That's pretty awesome.