Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Bird Watching"

Last night I went to see Keigwin + Company at the Joyce in NYC! It was awesome and refreshing! I wouldn't be so inclined to write about it if there wasn't so much that related to creating dance! The company did a world premiere of Bird Watching. I was completely intrigued. In the program it was broken up into 4 different sections of the piece, labeled in 4 different words. Flocking, Flapping, Fluttering, Flying. It was so great to see the words and then see the movement motif that was used to describe the word. All I could think about sitting in the audience, is how I do this everyday with children. I take the word and deconstruct it into movement (with the help of their imaginations of course). I thought it was creative thinking how the words were in the program to give the audience a reference point. Very clever. Now I'm wondering, how would you move to the word flutter?

If you haven't checked out Keigwin + Company, check out their website! I highly recommend this clever and exciting choreography!

p.s. On the subway ride home, I had the realization that we can create a dance about anything. Anything at all. Isn't that amazing?

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