Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dance Teacher Wardrobe

Do you ever feel like you don't know what to wear when you teach? Sometimes, I do. I teach in so many different areas in a day I strive to wear something that's comfy and flattering, but I find it such a challenge! I can't wear a leotard in a preschool or public school, but I like to wear one when I teach in a studio. What to do? My two year olds have a solution! They always say "Miss Maria where is your tutu?" haha! Wouldn't that be a site!

Anyway, I would love to know what is in your dance teacher wardrobe. Do you wear leotards to teach littles, middles, adults? Or just yoga pants and a snazy shirt? (they always love it when I wear my wrap with flowers on it! see above!)

So, what do you wear? What is your favorite? Feel free to share your wardrobe!

p.s. Don't forget to send me a creative lesson! I will post it here next week!


  1. Urgh. I teach ballet, tap, and hip hop back to back and it's always a struggle fit the "part" in each scenerio. I usually just rely on black dance pants and a black fitted top. BORING!

  2. Thanks for the your comment! Hopefully we can solve the dance teacher wardrobe someday soon! :)

  3. black jazz/yoga pants and a tank. I am the layer queen so I normally have a tshirt or long sleeves over the tank as well. And I cant forget the sweater which is always attached around my waist,lol!

  4. yeah... since I work at a high school I try to look nice but really, it ends up being black jazz pants or capris, a tank and a lighter long sleeved shirt... in the cooler weather a sweater too - for the hallways....the other day I went to work wearing flipflops and gauchos and thought - oops. I think this is beachwear.....

  5. I have followed the generation and wore a long shirt/short dress and leggings that is still tight fitting but also flowing. You can also still show off your arms, legs, and feet. Then you can also add some color to your wardrobe.