Monday, February 8, 2010

Writing a Description of your Class

Have you ever tried to write a description of a class you have designed and teach? I have recently had to describe my classes in a paragraph or less. Not easy!!!! I thought I would share some ideas on how to write a successful description--

1) First I wrote down descriptive words (just words) that I might want to include.
2) I took the words from my curriculum- my goals of what I address in each class.
3) I then tried to build sentences with the descriptive words.
4) I constructed it in a way that someone was writing it about me and the class.
5) I had many drafts but finally got to something I was happy with.
6) Last I had a mom who has had her daughter in my class for over a year look at it. She offered great insight!

The challenge is to not sound to "dance teacher" and use words that someone that doesn't know about dance can understand. I also wanted it to sound interesting, leaving something to be desired. It's hard to describe in just a few words. What would you say about your class?

Here is the final description I ended up with:

Join Miss Maria for a ballet class that will inspire both girls and boys to dance. In this unique ballet class, dancers are introduced to ballet positions and techniques that will build a strong foundation for years to come. Dancers emerge into confident soloists, develop locomotor skills, and learn songs for appropriate stretching of the body. Miss Maria's approach is innovative and encouraging for young dancers with big imaginations. Each week this class travels on a new adventure and always offers a smile! Leotards, Tutus, and ballet slippers welcome!

What do you think? Do you have any tips on how to write an AMAZING description of a class you teach? I would love to hear!

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