Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hidden Treasure

I found this great CD on itunes yesterday. It's like a hidden treasure! I have been looking for music to help link all of the ballet vocabulary I have been teaching my 2-3 year olds like FOREVER!!! Bingo! There are 2 great songs on this CD that do just that! There's one that goes through locomotor movements such as marching and chasse, and it also adds in words like battement and saute. The other sings though a stage performance, "tip toe on the stage" then links the ballet movements together to make a dance.

I don't like to use these songs to initially teach the steps to the dancers, but I believe it's a great addition to my class and will hopefully become a favorite to the girls! :)

What about you? Do you use any songs to link your ballet steps together for your young dancers? I would love to hear!

(Wake Up and Wiggle, By: Melissa Barnett)


  1. I LOVE a Fantasy Garden Ballet Class, but I think it's no longer being sold. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on it, do tell! It's so good that another teacher borrowed my copy and basically won't give it back...

  2. Oh no! Can you at least ask for a copy of it? Is that the title of the CD? I will keep my eyes open for it. Do you have any other favorites?