Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Class of 1

This week, because of the holidays, I had very low turnout in my classes. It got me thinking about what the benefits are to teaching just a few students or just one student. This doesn't happen very often, so I take advantage of it. Here are some things I tried this week.

1) Change the structure + more fun!- If there are only a few students I usually try to throw out the structure the class is used to, and do something completely new that I have never done before. Example- In creative movement we danced a picture book (which is harder to do with a larger class, but with just a few students there is more room and more concentration.) They loved it, after that we danced and sang to holiday music from the piano. They left with smiles!

2) Practice- In tap class, I had one student this week. We worked on a few steps she was having some trouble with and broke down the combination to make sure she was getting all of her sounds in. I then taught her about what a choreographer does, and told her that she could help me choreograph the next step and help me pick the music for the next dance. It was really fun, and she loved it too!

3) Talk- I find with a large class it's hard to get to know my students the way I would like to. Knowing just a little bit about their life and their personality, I believe helps me to be a more engaged teacher and leader. In a one on one environment I can ask them questions or take more time to listen to their ideas.

Teaching a small class makes for great new opportunities with your students. What do you do different when you have just a few students show up? Anything special or different? I would love to hear!

In the meantime movecreateeducate...

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  1. I love these ideas!! I found that, surprisingly, my classes were pretty full. We had a theme that week, though so that may have kept kids coming. It was wear pajamas/bring a friend week. The kids loved it! And I got to wear p.j's! :) Love the picture!!