Thursday, April 8, 2010

Potty Parade!

Yesterday in my 3 year old ballet class, I had a dilemma. Do you ever get a potty parade in your dance class? You know, when one little on has to go to the "potty" and then they all have to go? Haha! It was priceless. Truly like a parade! I had no idea if I should believe them or not. I was thinking in my head, what happens if they all pee on the floor? Do they all really have to go? I decided to let the one go that said she had to go first, but not before I got the rest of the class dancing and distracted, then I sorta scooted her out the door. The rest of them didn't ask after that. Phew, that was close!

I make sure to ask them every week to go before they come in, but there always seems to be one! Does this happen to you? Do you have any tricks about controlling the potty parade? I would love to hear your experiences!

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  1. That's hilarious, Maria. I usually tell them they can only go one at a time and by the time the first dancer (who usually really does have to go...) comes back they have all forgotten. If all else fails, and especially if I don't have an assistant we all take a potty break together and they know that this is their only chance for the rest of class!

  2. I always tell them they can go but they have to ask the front desk for help. That usually deters them. Or, maybe I should implement a rule that if they have to go they need to whisper it in my ear. That way no one else will hear it and get the idea that they need to go also.

  3. ahhhh Tiffany! that's it! a whisper! genius!

    Lauren, I told them if we all went to the bathroom then we would have to end class early. Of course they didn't like that idea!

  4. Maria, great's like the story of my life - but as a MOM!

    Every week, I tell my 3 year old daughter before class, 'Mommy wants you to 'sit' on the potty, then we can put on your leotard'. I don't even insist that she goes - because that always ends in a battle of the wills.

    It never fails, if one has to use the potty, they all do.

    Last week, all the three year old's in her class pulled some sort of 'we're shy' today routine. Poor Miss Connors, she pulled out all the best of the best to keep them engaged.

    I wish there was an easy answer, but the comforting thing for you to know, is you're not alone.

  5. Thanks Suzanne for your comment! This is such a funny thing, but it comes up a lot! I just never know if they REAL LY do have to go! I guess we just have to use our best judgement. I am glad to know I am not alone!

  6. I asked about this in grad school and everyone laughed!!! Well probably not you!
    I know that the kindergarten teachers at my school taught the kids the sign language sign and it works so much better because it is like a secret gesture and the kids don't usually notice each other doing it. Also I sat them down talked about what an "emergency" bathroom break is and I also find saying "soon" helps them because then if they ask again I know it is an emergency.
    I am not sure how much contact you have with parents but I tell the classroom teachers (basically parents) to do a bathroom run before my class. Kids who have bladder issues, I tell them that they need to make they go before and it is their big job/responsibility to remember.