Tuesday, April 6, 2010

National Dance Education Conference

Good news dance educators! I just got an e-mail in my inbox today that it's time to register for the NDEO 2010 conference! I have been to 2 conferences in the past and I highly recommend it! It's a get together of dance teachers just like you, with creative, inspiring ideas to share. There is something to offer everyone, from Early Childhood, K-12, to Studio teachers, and University. If you have never been and are interested in hearing more about it, I would be happy to share some of my experiences with you. You can also check out the details here. I need to check with my job(s), since it's in October but I plan to be there! Will I see you there? I hope so! Now go register, hurry! (make sure you are a member first!)


  1. I would love to go!

    To answer your question about auditioning, it's actually a video audition. I am so nervous about it!

  2. please come! it would be so much fun! :)

    Don't be nervous! If you end up coming, we can meet up! I would love to meet you in person! :)