Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pink Dance Bus

Have you seen this? My mom saved me an article about this 10 year old girl, Amiya Alexander who started a dance studio on a bus! The bus travels to parks and schools in underprivileged communities in Detroit and it's suburbs. It's such a good idea. I wonder why no one has ever thought of it? I believe in what she is trying to do, and I think she is reaching many students who would never be exposed to dance with this creative idea! I do question if 10 year olds should have students of their own, however. Do you? You can browse her website here, and find out more information on this inspirational story!

What do you think? I would actually love to visit the dance bus myself! Anyone else?


  1. How fun! I would love to visit or be part of that as well.

  2. This is so AWESOME!!! I am showing this to my 5th graders!

  3. Great Liz! Let me know what they say! Can you believe it's the only one in the nation? It 10 year old thought of such a creative idea. Amazing!