Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teachers Learn Too...

This week was the beginning of my summer classes, which explains the lack of posts! (sad face) I haven't forgotten about you, I have just been busy educating and learning! After this week, I know I can solve problems, come up with ideas a split second before they come out of mouth, and remain professional even if the room gets chaotic. I learned a lot about myself this week, and I can't wait for a new week to start because I get to see the kids all over again. Do you ever have those weeks where you feel that you gained a tad more confidence in yourself as a teacher? Well, this was my week.

Speaking of Learning, I attended this really amazing event on Wednesday night called "Yoga on the Great Lawn" It was in Central Park in NYC. They invited 10,000 people on the lawn to take part in a free yoga class! They had music, and poetry, and even gave away free mats and bags. It was a great experience to be with all so many yogis. Unfortunately, right as the class was starting, it started to down pour and the Parks Department had to close the class for safety reasons. Maybe they will have one of these where you are? Just to be there was amazing and it made me feel good too!

(photo via Huffington Post)


  1. Missed you this week! It was the last day of classes for me so I was definitely thinking about your goodbye songs and little gifts you give your kids.
    Also, I did have that teaching moment last month. I was subbing for another teacher but had no clue that I was teaching TWO YEAR OLDS! Yikes! I had to think quick and we began with being princesses (duh) then moved on to being everything else I could think of. Afterward the parents all told me what a great class it was and that they wanted me to teach their kids next term. I was floored! Never in my life did I think I would ever get a compliment like that with kids.

    The next class I subbed was a bit older and afterward one of the kids told me I was the best teacher she had ever had. She was only 6 but it just made my year.

  2. They had one of those here at the National Mall.. Yogis as far as the eye could see!

  3. Tiffany! YAY, isn't it great when you surprise yourself like that? I love that feeling! Good for you! :)

    Kim- You should of went! Go next time! It's so much fun :)