Monday, June 28, 2010

Egg Shakers

Usually before my ballet class starts families show up early. I try really hard to keep the dancers waiting outside the room. This way they don't get all wound up before I need to try to get them organized to start class. But this week, I had a 18-24 month ballet class (so much fun and a new experience for sure!). They just could not wait to come in and explore the room in their tiny pink tutus! So I let them in while we waited for everyone to show up. To give them something to do, I put out egg shakers. I turned on ballet music and we danced around the room with the shakers. Of course they put them in their mouth too (that's how they tell the shape of things when they are that little) but they absolutely loved them. I think I will continue to do this every week!

Do you let the students explore the room before class? Do you put something out for them to explore? Or do you let them in right when class starts? I would love to hear!


  1. Well, we usually sit on the floor and talk about our day. Or what color dress we want to be wearing. If they aren't in a talking mood I just tell them random stories. They seem pretty interested (I think!)

  2. I usually try to keep the dancers outside of the room, but sometimes they can get too attached to mom or dad then. If they get all cozy on their parent's lap they won't want to get up and into class. I love the idea of something to keep them busy, thanks! I completely sympathize with the little ones getting all wound up before class...I have experienced this many times!! You are brave for teaching 18-24 months - I don't know if I could do it!!