Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ballet Celebrations

Today, I had two parents days during ballet class. It went pretty well, but I am learning the more I do parents days that they are such a challenge. I don't get nervous anymore, which I think is a good sign of growth but sometimes I feel like it's a lot of pressure. Sometimes I feel like it's so unpredictable, that it's scary. And sometimes I feel like I should just have fun. I did have a lot of fun, but with parents buzzing in the background and siblings crying on the side, it's hard to have full control as usual. The students get so distracted, and if you are 3, it's hard to focus to begin with. I tried many of my calming techniques, little quiet moments, mostly because I didn't want anyone to get hurt. I just couldn't seem to gain everyone's attention and engage them. I know I am not alone on this!

I would love to hear what you all do. If the kids are to little to be on a stage (2's and 3's) Do you have a parents day on the last day of class? Do you invite the parents in to see just a portion of the class? I prepped the students for the day, and no one freaked out (yay!), but I am thinking you can help me. I am sure my brilliant readers have creative ideas that I have never thought of!

Please share what you did this year for celebrations of dance. Did you have a parents day? A recital? A showing? Tell us the story of how it went, and if you learned anything from it. I can't wait to hear!

P.S. the photo are the pink carnations I gave the girls after class today. They are in the bag because it was a surprise and I was trying to be sneaky and make sure they didn't see them!


  1. Maria, I could write at length about the difficulties of parents days....aagh the memories! Classes where all my activities were finished in 10 minutes because suddenly everyone was shy and there was still 35 minutes to go! (I have invited the parents to join in and made up a dance and added old favourites like shapes and movement soup on more than one occasion).

    I did find a solution one year when I didnt have an assistant and the class was large. I rostered a parent to join the class each week. Their child might not have danced as usual but all the others did. It gave the parents an insight into the structure of the class and the dynamics of the children's relationships too.

    I'll be interested in other readers solutions too!

  2. Roz I can always count on you to know exactly what I am thinking. That happened to me last week, where the kids were silent and so well behaved that we breezed through everything. Ugh!

    Asking the parents to join in is a good idea. I might try that out. Thanks!

  3. Oh dear I don't like parent days. I don't even know if we have them at our studio. Now I'm all nervous I'll have to ask.