Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Helpers

Today in ballet, my 3 year olds became super helpful! It was all their idea. I am sure they get the idea from school. Every time we used a props or star spots, they offered to help me collect them! What a great idea, and a great lesson to incorporate into class. I will add it in from now on. I love when they come up with ideas that enrich the class! I love when they teach me things!

Now I must keep a rotating list of who collected what, when. I am happy to do it, all because they are happy to help!

Do you have little helpers? Star helpers, maybe? I would love to help, ... oh, I mean hear!


  1. My kids started helping also! It's so cute how eager they are to put things away. Sometimes it's a hassle because they start collecting things and I'm not done with them yet. It's so funny because they run around like crazy trying to help out. Oh dear, my class sounds like mass chaos. I have very good class management I promise!

  2. ^haha!!! Mine collect things before I am done also. I usually have each of them pick up only their dot and their scarf. I do have ones who occasionally pick up someone else's too. Then we have a talk about sharing,lol! I normally end class with everyone getting their dot,putting it in the "scarf basket" then sitting criss-cross applesauce to get a sticker.That way everything is put away and all I have to do is get tape off the floor.

  3. I have often thought it would be wonderful to bottle all that helpfulness and sell it to the parents of teenagers...a nice little side line business from the dance studio! Likewise if we cold bottle the energy of 5 year old boys we would have the elixir of youth.

  4. I know, collecting things before we are done is problematic! haha

    Roz, I would love to bottle it up! Good idea! lol Many times the parents say, "If I could get them to do this at home"