Monday, May 17, 2010

Headshot- Now and Then

I thought I would post this just for fun! Last week I had a photo shoot with my friend Kiasa and she took a few headshots. Thank you Kiasa!

What do you think? I am thinking I look a little sleepy! ;)

And in the spirit of recital season, I thought I would post this picture that my mom sent me a few weeks ago. I remember this moment clearly! Popcorn machine! Yep, that was the dance. I loved it! Look how happy I was. I estimate I was around 5 years old here.

Do you have a favorite recital dance you can remember? Can you sing the song and do the dance? It is so fun to think back!


  1. You eyes are so beautiful! Great picture!

    I can remember my very first dance. I try not to though haha!

  2. My first recital dance was a tap dance jump rope routine. I was 9. I don't remember the song but I loved it and was terrified I would trip over the jump rope. The costume was purple with fringe, fish net sockings and a head band with streamer like things popping out of it!

  3. Thanks Tiffany!

    Stacey, I love that you can remember the costume! You should post pictures! :)

  4. I definitely remember my first dance! We had a gumdrop tree as a background. When the curtain closed they switched it out for an empty one and after the dance was over my big "solo" moment was to lie on the stage and say "I can't believe I hate the whole thing!" I cried when everyone laughed because I thought they were laughing at me! I'll post the picture on if I can find it!