Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teen Tap

Every Thursday I teach a class called Teen Tap.  I  have had a about 4 weeks of the class now and believe me when I say I am so happy I am not a teen anymore.  Remember when you were a teen? Your body didn't fit into your clothes... your legs and arms were to long for you body. I try to make the class important to them and something they will look forward to each week.   Last week they were obviously bored because they came in with all of these ideas, "can we make a dance to chicago?" "can you teach us barrel turns and time steps?" I have learned very quickly that they are very eager to learn and learn very quickly.  

So today I downloaded all of the Chicago music and brought it to class today.  Well you would of thought I brought them all ice cream with all of the toppings.  They were so happy and I think were looking forward to the class because they came with all of these ideas.  Of course they gave me their opinions for next week's choreography (which I am so happy about).  The teens taught me something about myself tonight.  I usually (and now I see it) choreograph the dance or put the steps together and then try different pieces of music to experiment with.  This has given me a challenge and will throughly enjoy choreographing to "All that Jazz" for the next couple of weeks! 

Oh and since we are talking tap, I found these really cool tap shoes at Tap Emporium! 

Aren't they neat... of course not practical for tap teachers but makes me smile anyway!

In the meantime movecreateeducate...


  1. It cracks me up when the come in with ideas! I try to take them all and use them but I have one group that I spent half the class (literally) trying to get them to stop with ideas! LOL they got out of control! :) Love the tap shoes and I'm not a good tapper! xoxo

  2. I am sure you are just fine at tapping... I know, they are just flowing with ideas. I try to tell them to take just one idea and develop it... we will see what they come up with!